Humpback whales - in Hawaii yet?

From: Dagmar Fertl (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 16:57:18 EST

Dear Dagmar,

I am going to visit Maui on November 18 - 23, 2000 and would like to know if
the humpback or any other whales will be present in the waters off the
Lahinia Coast? Please repond asap; we want to make reservations for a whale
watch trip while visiting. Thank you for all your effects in studying these
wonderful creatures of the deep.

Maggie Hafley.
Dear Maggie - Lucky you, Maui! Thanks for the thanks for attempts to learn
about whales. That was sweet of you!

It's a bit too early for humpbacks. I know that, since I was on Maui last
year, a little later in November, and it was too early for humpbacks.
They're just making their way into Hawaii waters at that time.

I would recommend checking the Pacific Whale Foundation website for
information for whales around Maui. PWF is located right on Maui. I imagine
that spinner dolphins should be a possibility. I'm not sure which whale
species that they run into. As you may or may not know, whalewatches
sometimes just flat out don't see whales on some days. But, I will be
hopeful that you see some cool whales! Write back to us at WhaleNet and let
us know what you saw.


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