Whale, blubber

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Dear Lee,

Thanks so much for your question. Unfortunately, my area of expertise is
not whales, but manatees. You can find more information about whales at the
following WhaleNet pages:

Species/Classification information page

Sound page, (http://whale.wheelock.edu/whalenet-stuff/sounds/)

Behavior page

Nancy Sadusky

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> Dear Ms. Sadusky,
> My name is Lee Murphy and I am currently doing research for a novel I am
> working on that involves whales. I have several books on marine mammal
> biology and animal physiology. However, what I need to know, and have not
> been able to asceratin through these books, is the chemical make-up of
> blubber. Specifically, is Glycenol a substance in blubber? I greatly
> appreciate your time on my behalf and look forward to hearing from you.
> Sincerely,
> Lee Murphy
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