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Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 10:51:58 EST

Hi Mallory,

Great question! If you spot an injured, dead, tagged, or orphaned manatee,
or if you see a manatee who is being harassed, call 1-800-DIAL FMP, *FMP on
a cellular phone, or use VHF Channel 16 on your marine radio.

If the manatee appears injured, please call right away. If injuries are not
obvious, but you still suspect the manatee may be injured, try to determine
the number of times the manatee surfaces to breathe during a five minute
period before calling. Since manatees can stay submerged for up to 15
minutes at a time, frequent surfacing could be indicative of an injury. If
the manatee is traveling however, then frequent surfacing is normal. Be
prepared to give the exact location of the manatee.

Call if:
-You see a manatee with pink or red wound. This means the wound is fresh.
-You see a manatee with grayish-white or white wounds. This means the wound
has healed, however the manatee can still have internal injuries, so
continue to observe the animal for any of the other characteristics listed
-The manatee is tilting to one side, unable to submerge, seems to have
trouble breathing, or is acting strangely.
-You observe a manatee calf by itself with no adults around for an extended
period of time.
-You see anyone harassing a manatee.
-You see boaters speeding in a protected area.
-You see a manatee who has become entangled in monofilament, crab-trap
lines, or other debris.
-You see a manatee tagged with a radio or satellite transmitter. However,
DO NOT attempt to remove the transmitter. The tag is designed to come off
it it becomes entangled so the animal won't be trapped.

Nancy Sadusky

Communications Director
Save the Manatee Club
500 N. Maitland Ave.
Maitland, FL 32751
1-800-432-JOIN (5646)

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> If I found a manitee where it isn't suppost to be, like beached, what
> I do?
> Mallory

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