Whales in Oceans

From: Kim Marshall-Tilas (kimm@oceanalliance.org)
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 16:36:11 EST


>Dear Rebecca
It is believed that the first aquatic marine mammals were documented
about fifty million years ago living in swamps and seas alike. They
had long snouts and small hindlimbs. Their adaptions to the water
are quite unique but I do not know why they live in the oceans?
Please do some more research on WhaleNet by using their how to find
section for cetacean history at
http://whale.wheelock.edu/howtofind.html. Good luck on your project!


>Dear Kimm,
> I am doing a report.I was wondering if you know why whales live
in the ocean.If you do e-mail me at: Beksieboo@aol.com

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