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From: Kim Marshall-Tilas (kimm@oceanalliance.org)
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 08:50:33 EST

Tim, sure go ahead and your questions! Happy holidays.

>I hope you don't mind me bothering you. If you do, please let me
>know. The reporter in me has many questions. I would like to ask
>your permission to send you some questions that you can respond to
>at your leisure. I checked out your site, it's very good. My wife
>and I actually go whale watching every year out of Salem, the East
>India cruises. Maybe next year we'll go out of Gloucester. It's so
>beautiful in that area. Anyway, what do you say? Nothing
>complicated, just questions. Let me know. Thanks again. You've
>already been a big help.
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>Date: Sunday, December 17, 2000 11:11 AM
>Subject: Swimming with whales
>Yes it is illegal to swim with whales unless it is at a permitted
>institution like the Dolphin Research Center in Florida or if
>organizations like mine (Ocean Alliance) have special permits from
>the National Marine Fisheries Service and Fish and & Wildlife to
>conduct research on whales in the water. In most other countries
>you must also have a permit to be near whales in the water. I
>sometimes help with whale rescues but we call them strandings
>because on most cases the whales, especially larger whales, are
>dead. We use these occurrences to collect samples and study the
>anatomy of the whale. The people that work at whale strandings also
>must be permitted as it can be dangerous dealing with such a large
>Good luck on your project!
>>Hi Kim, So is it true that it's illegal to swim with whales, say
>>the humpbacks that migrate from Stellwagen Bank down to Florida and
>>the Gulf, even if you are part of a research team, say researching
>>how many breaths a whale takes in a minute, or how long they can
>>stay under water. That kind of thing. Can anyone swim with whales?
>>Have you ever participated in a whale rescue? or know anyone that
>>has? I would really like to interview them if you do. Thanks again
>>for trying to help.
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