Sleeping whales

From: Kim Marshall-Tilas (
Date: Sun Dec 24 2000 - 09:06:24 EST

Reply: Dear Amy
Whales are believed to sleep for very short time spans. They seem to
shut down half of their brain at a time, because if they shut their
entire brain down, they would stop breathing. Humans don't need to
be conscious to breathe. We can sleep and still breathe. But whales
must remind themselves constantly to breathe. With right whales, we
have seen that the whales will seem to fall asleep and start sinking
under the surface. However, they wake up in a few minutes and rise
to the surface to breathe.
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>I was wondering if humpback whales sleep? when and where? My
>daughter came home from school and said she was suppose to find
>out..I cant find anything about whales sleeping behavior... I was
>wondering if you could let me know... Thanks Amy

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