Uvulas and stomach size

From: Phil Clapham (phillip.clapham@noaa.gov)
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 10:32:47 EST


I had to hunt around on this one. Jim Mead of Smithsonian tells me that
whales do not have uvulas, and that they are in fact relatively uncommon
in mammals.

As for stomach size, there are no good dat that we're aware of on sperm
whales. The late whale biologist E.J. Slijper gives a figure of 200
gallons for the first and second stomach of a fin whale.

"sherlockD. Bretton" wrote:
> I want to thankyou for anwering my previous question.I have another for you.
> Do whales have uvulas?
> Also, how BIG is a whale's stomach? (the first one) If possible, a Sperm
> Whale.
> Thanks!
> -curioussherls@hotmail.com
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