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Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 11:15:24 EST


If I were you I'd be sweating too. I tanked one semester of Chemistry in
college (Organic as I recall) and I am still not fond of the stuff.
HOWEVER... during the first part of my career at the New England Aquarium I
was in charge of and ran the lab that ran water Chemistry for the husbandry I did Chemistry every day for about ten years...after
that, while I was working on rehabilitating animals we did quite a bit of
diagnostic work on blood, doing tests that were....Chemistry again.... It
is not that all jobs with marine mammals have to do with Chemistry. I am
sure there are some folks out there that never touch the stuff. It just
seems like I am particularly plagued by the subject.

 I will tell you one thing, however, once I NEEDED to know Chemistry, and I
had a good reason to understand it, and it related to something that I was
interested in, I learned what I needed to know and managed pretty well.

good luck,


At 08:00 PM 1/29/01 -0800, you wrote:
>I am a 16 yr. old high school student who wants to work with wales and
>marine life for a living, but I am struggling with chemistry. Is
>chemistry a major part of what you do? In fact my chemistry 11 exam is
>tomorrow at 1:00 I'm nervous.
>Jessica Edwards
>Sooke, British Columbia

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