Killer whales and captivity

From: Pieter Arend Folkens (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 01:48:35 EST

Dear Karmine:

I was sent this message today regarding manatees. As your previous inquiry
was exploring the captivity issues, I thought you would find this note


The San Diego Union-Tribune, which is not a particularly good paper, periodically runs articles about manatees, including manatee mortality, as does the infinitely superior LA Times. I think interest here in Southern California has been greatly stimulated by the presence of five male manatees in residence here at SeaWorld, where they're very popular. The SeaWorld exhibit here is very tastefully done, and emphasizes their precarious state of existence. There's a remarkably high awareness of manatees and their endangered situation here, even though we're very far from the actual residence of any manatees. The efforts of Save the Manatee Club have even been promoted by a local fast-food restaurant chain, Fins, which I believe gives to SMC.

Nicole Larson



Pieter Folkens

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