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Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 01:12:32 EST

>Hello, I am writing a book on ocean life,seeking reality for what I am
>to write. This month on TV there was a report on a group of people, who
>dedicated a song in honor to the ocean and one, to a knownWhale they
>had named, that passed on. Scientists present that measured sound-waves
>(or what they might have used?) found that they matched with that of the
>singing people. So, the Whales were singing with the people. Would you
>know where I could find some information?
>Thank you for any given information.....
> Anne Eley

The equipment for measuring the sound began with a hydrophone and possibly
analyzed through a sound spectrum oscilator or something similar. Joseph R.
Olson at Cetacean Research Technology <> would
have more information on that, and I think he may have been involved in the
event you speak of.

Jim Nolman is involved in that sort of thing, and I think he was also part
of that program. I don't have Jim's address at hand, but his organization
is Interspecies Communication and probably has a web site you could find
with a simple search. Otherwise, I suspect Joe Olson may have Jim's address.

I hope this helps.

Pieter Folkens

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