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You are right, water pollution is not my area of expertise, however, you
might want to contact someone at the nonprofit organization American Rivers.
They might be able to help you. Their web address is:

Nancy Sadusky
Communications Director
Save the Manatee Club
500 N. Maitland Ave.
Maitland, FL 32751
1-800-432-JOIN (5646)

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Subject: water pollution interview

> I am a high school student who chose to write about water pollution and
> causes and effects for my biology research paper. Water pollution may not
> your area of expertise, but I have e-mailed many other people from
> web sites and have received no replies. I was wondering if you could help
> or recommend me to someone who might be able to answer a few questions
> water pollution and it's threats to humanity.
> Thank You.
> 1. What is it about water that makes it central to our existence?
> 2. How do we obtain it, purify it, and even use it several times over?
> 3. What is the largest cause of water pollution in the world? In the U.S.?
> 4. What are some ways the general public could get involved to help lessen
> the problem?
> 5. What has the government done to reduce water pollution?
> 6. Is water pollution a more serious threat than other types of pollution?
> 7. How much of our water is polluted?
> 8. How has water pollution effected plants, animals, and humans?
> Thanks again.
> -JRT

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