Manatee, life span and distribution

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Dear JoAnna,

Thanks so much for your e-mail message. Manatees have no natural enemies
and scientists believe they can live up to 60 years or more. One manatee
who is living in captivity is 52 years old.

The West Indian manatee, the manatee we have in Florida, is found in the
U.S. and also in the coastal and inland waterways of Central America and
along the northern coast of South America, although distribution in those
area may be spotty.

The Amazonian manatee is found in South America, and the West African
manatee is found in Africa. Manatees are also related to the dugong, which
is found in Asia and Austrialia.

You can find out more information about manatees and their relatives by
visiting the Save the Manatee Club Web site at
and go to the "Manatee Info" and "Sirenians of the World" pages.

Thanks for your interest in manatees!

Nancy Sadusky
Communications Director
Save the Manatee Club
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Maitland, FL 32751
1-800-432-JOIN (5646)

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> What is the averarage lifespan of a manatee?
> In what part of the world do manatees live?
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