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Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 21:48:09 EST


>This question isn't actually to find out about narwhals, but I was curious
>as to why there is so little available information about them? When I
>searched on the internet for any studies, research projects, or photographs
>of these mammals, I found four sites that didn't tell me anything. Is it
>because they live in the arctic, or are they not as intelligent as other
>marine mammals (that would be a bad excuse for a lack of research:). I just
>wondered if there was an obvious answer as to why everyone automatically
>studies dolphins and whales, and not narwhals.
>Thanks for any help!

>-Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten



As you guessed, an animal's intelligence (or lack thereof) doesn't account for whether there is a lot of research on them or not. Accessibility to an animal to study it is a big factor. I would say that narwhals have been fairly well-studied, considering that they live in a place that a lot of people don't necessarily want to work (as compared to the Bahamas, etc.). As you also probably know, the Internet is not the end all, be all for available information as lots of people out there think. There is a good deal of information on narwhals - you just need to actually go to a library to find it. Compared to the amount of available information on bottlenose dolphins or humpback whales though, you are correct, there is much less information.


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