Arctic animals - what do they eat

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Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 20:57:29 EST

>From: Queen05
>Subject: need help asap! thanks so much!
>Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 20:47:46 -0800
> I am doing a project for biology that has to do with ecology. The
>animals I am researching are: 1) the snowy owl, 2) the musk ox, 3) the
>arctic hare, 4) walrus, 5) caribou, 6) polar bear, 7) arctic tern, 8)
>arctic fox. Now, for one part of my project I have to indentify each of
>the animals either as autotrophs, heterotrophs, scavengers, decomposers,
>herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores. I just wanted to check if my
>answers were right, because I don't want to get any wrong for the
>project. Is it possible for some animals to be classified under more
>than one topic??
> I justed wanted to check if these answers are right. If they aren't
>can you please tell me the correct answers. Thanks so much!!! :) 1) For
>the snowy owl I called it an omnivore.
>2) The musk ox i called it a herbivore.3) The arctic hare i called it a
>herbivore and a decomposer.4) The walrus I don't know what it would be.
>5)Is caribou a herbivore? 6)Is a polar bear an omnivore? 7)What would
>the arctic tern be? 8)Is the arctic fox be considered a carnivore?
>P>S!! - Do you know where I could find an illustrated web chain and a
>food chain of the arctic tundra biome? one that is actually printable..
>thanks so much!
Now, doing your assignment for you would defeat the purpose of your teacher giving it to you. I did a quick search online, and here's a great website:
That'll tell you what the critters eat (and more about the natural history). It looks like you weren't sure what a tern is (it's a bird).
What I can tell you is that you answers to the following are correct or not:
1. I think it's wrong
2. correct
3. I think it's wrong (part of the answer)
4. Look on the website and figure out what walruses eat.
5. correct
6. It's incorrect
7. Check on the website to see what the tern eats
8. Check on the website to see what the fox eats
You can write back and I can check your answers, but I need to see that you really did your homework. Instead of just answering what the critter is, perhaps you can tell your teacher what they eat, and then say what they are in the food web. This way, if the teacher doesn't necessarily agree, but you have information that suggests that an animal may be in another category, you can more easily defend your answer.
As for the food web, you could check that website some more, and maybe it'll have it. Otherwise, my only other suggestion is for you to check out some books from the library, or even look in an encyclopedia, if you haven't already done so.
Good luck,

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