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Date: Sun Apr 01 2001 - 17:53:05 EDT

Dear Karla

First, I must be fair with you...I am not a marine biologist. I am a
physical oceanographer and specifically, a bioacoustician however I'll
answer the questions as best I can.

1. In preparation for college I took no special courses.

2. I have attended school for 22 years.

3. Yous should attend any college or university that offers courses in
oceanography and marine studies.

4. In my opinion, University of Rhode Isalnd and MIT on the east coast
and I'm not sure of the west coast short of Scripps.

5. Mathematics, general biology, chemistry, oceanographic courses. (For
marine biology)

6. Job openings come and go depending on the political climate and the
limited openings at universities.

7. Most jobs are university research and teaching some commercial
companies have need including oil companies, the military, governmental
organozations (state and federal) and pharmacology corporations.

8. I cannot answer for marine biology but for my specialty mostly
research and environmental studies.

9. It depends on what is happening on that day. I lecture in a shirt
and tie, work in the lab in jeans and appropropriate (relatively nice)
shirt and work in the filed and on ship in jeans and work clothes, diving
gear and bathing/wet/dry suit.

10. Seeking tenure or management positions.

11. as above

12. Work hard, publish often and well, lecture circuits, adives students

13. Certainly as post doc or MS/PhD if not already (commercial).

14. 40K$ and up

15. Generally, yes.

16. It depends on who you're working for but generally, yes.

17. It varies; when teaching 8 - 10, in the filed 8 - 24.

18. Yes, time at sea is a definate.

19/20. I cannot answer but in my field most definately! I study marine
mammal audiology, underwater noise and sound production.

Good Luck!!

Peter M."Skip" Scheifele LCDR USN (Ret.)
Director of Bioacoustic Research, University of Connecticut NURC NA&GL
(Voice) 860-405-9103/9121;;

attached mail follows:

Dear Marine Biologist,
Hello, my name is Karla Foronda, and I am a student at the Taos Middle School.  My future goal is to be a marine biologist.  My Science teacher has asked me to inter view a marine biologist, so I hope that you can answer the following questions.  Thankyou.
1. What courses should be taken in preperation for college?
2. How many years do you have to go to school?
3. What type of school should you attend to be a marine biologist?
4. What are some of the leading schools in this profession?
5. What will some of the required course work be?
6. Are their many job openings in this field?
7. What company, agency, business, corperation, etc. might someone in this field work? 
8. What will be expected of an individual in this career field?
9. How do you have to dress in this field?
10. Are there opportunities for advancement and promotion in this field?
11. What are they?
12. How does one go about aquiring a promotion?
13. Are there opportunities for further education?
14. Generally what is the starting pay?
15. Are insurances and other benefits provided?
16. What about retirement?
17. How many hours do you generally have to work a day?
18. Is travel involved?
19. Do marine biologists work mostly in the ocean or water or in a lab?
20. What do Marine biologists study most often? 
Thankyou for participating in this if you have any further comments please send them to me. 
P.S. Send these questions and answers back as soon as possible, please.
K. Foronda 

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