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Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 03:39:12 EDT

From: "James Keene" <>
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Subject: looking for information on narwhales
Date: Sat, Apr 7, 2001, 9:54 PM

      My name is Jimmy Keene, I live in Denver, Colorado and I am doing a
report on Narwhales, it is been hard to find alot of information about them.
I am hoping you can give me some useful information. My report is due in
about a week. Thank you.

Dear Jimmy,

Narwhals are amazing animals with an up to 3 meter long tusk which is
actually a tooth that erupts through the lower part of the mouth. Did you
know some narwhals have two tusks? And that only the males have tusks? But
there are some exceptions to this and there are a few females that have a
tusk and even a few that have two tusks as well. But that's very rare. There
are a number of fascinating theories about what narwhals use their tusks

Whalenet has a lot of information on narwhals. To find out more, the first
thing to do is to look on the species/ classification information page under
"narwhal" and/ or its scientific name "Monodon monoceros" to see what comes

There's a good book called The Narwhal by Fred Bruemmer. Maybe your public
library has it. Failing that, I would check out a few general books on
whales and dolphins which give accounts of each species. There are at least
20-25 of these books and the Denver Public Library is sure to have a few of
them. Just check the index for the narwhal pages.

You can find other leads for information about narwhals by checking the
whalenet bibliographies:

Good luck!

Erich Hoyt

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