Re: What is the impact of oils spills on Marine mammals?

From: Cathy Schaeff (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 09:48:56 EDT

Hi Nicole,

Oil spills do affect whales and dolphins both directly and indirectly. If
whales were to move through an oil spill, the oil could make them sick, just
as it does other marine species. IF they try to avoid the spill they might
have to give up their feeding places and/or nurseries and travel further
from shore during their migration and hence have to swim longer distances.
As well, by changing their location and migration routes, whales might
expose themselves and their calves to harsher ocean conditions and/or more

Cathy Schaeff

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Subject: What is the impact of oils spills on Marine mammals?

Hi! I'm a fourth grader doing a science project on Oil Spills. I'm tryinng
answer the question of why everyone should really care about oils spills.
LOTS OF PEOPLE LOVE WHALES. I think that if people (kids) were to realize
that oil spills can hurt whALES, MAYBE THEY WOULD CARE MORE ABOUT OIL
cOULD YOU PLEASE answer this question. I will cite your answer as a
reference. Thank you for your time. Nicole

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