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Hi Kristen,

Whales are disappearing for a number of reasons. Three of the main ones are: over hunting, animals hurt and/or killed due to entanglements with fishing gear and ship strikes, and degradation of their habitats (noise, chemicals, plastic trash, etc). There are many other concerns such as inbreeding and depletion of the whales food stocks which are affecting the whales but we don't really understand to what extent.

Good luck with your project

Cathy Schaeff

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    Dear Dr. Schaeff,
                            I am very interested in marine mammals and have decided to do a project on why whales are disappearing from the wild and how we can save them. I have tried looking for other web sites to help me but so far failed to find the information I need. I was wondering if you could tell me the 3 main reasons they are disappearing and some good links that you would suggest.
                                                    Thank you!

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