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I wasn't able to track down any web sites for you with whale skeletal info.
I did find a number of references that might be helpful. They are listed
below. I'll try again with a web search but wanted to get back to you with

Cathy Schaeff

Skeletal growth of aquatic organisms : biological records of environmental
change / edited by Donald C. Rhoads and Richard A. Lutz QL120 S727 1980
New York : Plenum Press, c1980

Adaptation to environment : essays on the physiology of marine animals
/edited by R.C. Newell.
London ; Boston : Butterworths, 1976 QL121 A221

Winn, Howard Elliott, 1926-
Behavior of marine animals; current perspectives in research, edited by
Howard E. Winn and Bori L. Olla
New York, Plenum Press, 1972-<c1984 > QL121 B419 1984

 Nicol, J. A. Colin (Joseph Arthur Colin), 1915-
The biology of marine animals
New York, Interscience Publishers [1960] QL121 N634

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Subject: The Skeletal System of Whales

Dear Professor Schaeff,

    I am doing a report on whales. I was wondering if you could direct me
some websites that will have information on the whale's skeletal system.

Thank You,
Adam Frankel

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