desribe a possible food chain

From: Howard Garrett (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 12:54:30 EDT

>hello can u help me with this?
>desribe a possible food chain involving a combination of least 4 plants and
>animals in the ocean

         This sounds supsiciously like an exam question, so rather than
give you an answer, I'll guide you to think about the question. I assume
you understand what a food chain is. (It's more accurately called a food
web, because sometimes there are branches and loops rather than links.) Now
think about the foundation of the food web. That's the most abundant form
of plant life (although it actually goes deeper than that, to forms of
bacteria). The oldest and most abundant form of plant life on Earth is
blue-green algae, a form of phytoplankton, and is present in virtually
every drop of ocean water in various proportions. Now, what eats
phytoplankton? It would be tiny, single-celled animals, called zooplankton.
Now your task is to identify a form of zooplankton, then find out what eats
them. Then all you need to do is find out what eats whatever eats
zooplankton. I hope that helps.

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