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Um... this isn't a whale question, but...

Sounds like you have a test. Don't know offhand about Franklin.
Magellan and Erikson were explorers who contributed in a major way to an
understanding of the geography of the Earth and the way in which the
oceans are connected. Magellan was first to go around the world
(although on the trip which actually went all the way round he was
killed in the Philippines; ironically, the man who led the expedition
back to Spain was Juan Sebastian de Elcano, who Magellan at one point
had arrested for mutiny). We still say that Magellan was first to
circumnavigate the Earth because he had been to the Philippines on a
previous trip. Erikson crossed the Atlantic long before Columbus.

BilabongRW@aol.com wrote:
> What contribution did Benjamin Franklin, Magellan, and Leifson Erikson make
> to the marine science world?

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