Gray whales

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Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 11:35:31 EDT

Hi Allie:
> Question: Do you know of any good sites or books I could use to find out more
> information on the Gray Whale?
There's a very good book called "Gray Whales" by Jim Darling, published
by Voyageur Press.
> Question: Why do the Gray Whales migrate so far?
Don't know! I just answered this question earlier today, so you might
check the Whalenet archive for the detailed response.
> Question: Why are the Gray Whales disappearing?
Eastern gray whales (the ones off California) are not - they're doing
fine. Western gray whales (Korea, Russia) are in big trouble because
the population is so small and they may have major threats to their
habitat. They were whaled into the 1960's by Korea and the USSR, so the
population was taken down to a very small size. Today, their major
known feeding ground in the Okhotsk Sea is the site of major oil and gas
exploration, which seems to be driving the whales out of their feeding
grounds. And we don't know where they breed - if it's in coastal areas
somewhere in China, then they may be suffering from the problems of
coastal development and other issues there. It's a sad story.


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