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Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 13:55:11 EDT

Hi again:

> >From Rachel: Can the baleen of a baleen whale break?
Yes it can, although it's very strong and breakage is pretty rare.
> >From Erin and Karen: Has a narwhal ever attacked a human? Have you ever
> touched a whale and if so what kind?
No narwhal has ever been known to attack a human. Yes, I've touched
whales - living ones including humpbacks and a killer whale, and many
dead ones on beaches.

> >From Laura N.: Are there whales in Long Island Sound and if so what kinds?
Not usually. Fin whales live on the other side of Long Island, and
humpback whales and right whales are also seen there sometimes, but the
Sound itself is not good habitat for whales.

> Thanks again.
You're welcome!


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