Re: whales

From: Phillip J. Clapham (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 22:26:07 EDT

No, the weight is not correct (actually, you have the conversion the wrong
way round also - it would be 1200 kg or 2600 lbs). I dont know what kind
of whale this was, but at 1,3 m that is a small dolphin or a porpoise, and
they would probably weigh much less than 100 kg.
I am writing from Slovenia. I am working for Slovenian national television
and I have a little problem. Reuters reported today about rescuing whales
who stranded on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday.
It is reported that one whale has been 1,3-metre long but weighed close to
1,200 pounds (2600 kg). Is that possible? I will be very happy, if you
write me back. Thank you!

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