sperm whale pix

From: Phil Clapham (phillip.clapham@noaa.gov)
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 07:56:02 EDT

Hello Ms student-person:

Well I'm not a sperm whale guy, but there are lots of links on the web
which come up under "sperm whale" in a Google search. here are a few
pics on just one of the sites:


Just wade through all the links you get and you'll come up with a lot of
pix, not to mention tons of information.

Good luck with your "thingy".


Phil Clapham

> amanda wrote:
> hi...wuz ^ scientist person? i hope ur ok... well any wayz... i need
> to find some pictures of sperm whales... and i can only find lyke 2 or
> 3... itz not really help ful... so can u please help beucase my thingy
> is due well... not SOON.... but soon enough... lol...well thank you so
> much!!
> ~*amanda*~

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