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Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 14:06:22 EDT


These are two very difficult questions! We dont think that bottlenose
whales are migratory, so they probably just make limited movements
during the year. As for the population size, I'm afraid no one has any
idea. They are a whale that is not often seen and is very difficult to
study; the only person working with a population of bottlenose whales on
a regular basis is Dr Hal Whitehead from Dalhousie University in
Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Sorry, but we just don't know much about them!

Phil Clapham

Miss Johann wrote:
> Dear Dr. Phil,
> Hi! I have two questions. One where do the
> Northern Bottle Nose Whale migrate and two what is the
> population of the Northern Bottle Nose Whale?
> Thank you!
> Sincerly,
> Kaitlyn
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