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Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 09:07:20 EDT

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your e-mail message about the interaction of Blue Whales and people. Unfortunately, my area of expertise is manatees, not whales. However, if you access the following WhaleNet pages, you may find your answer:
Search Whalenet:
Species/Classification information page:
Sound page:
Behavior page:

Regarding your question on finding work with animals, if you go to the following page on the WhaleNet site, you will find several links to information with career advice: In particular, the Society for Marine Mammalogy has an excellent Web site with career advice for people interested in working with marine mammals.

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  My name is Anthony and im from the UK. I have wanted to work with animals all my life and the whole diversity of the animal world amazes me. My question is about the large side of the animal world. I was wondering, how do Blue Whales keep away from humans so well when they are so huge?
  I hope to be a big part of the animal world in the future and maybe i will even meet you some time. Thanks alot.
  P.s Can you give me any information of finding work with animals as it would be a great help. I realise you are busy so thanks whatever the outcome.

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