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The answers are... not as much as you would think, lots, someone that calls
going to the beach work, sometimes, more often than I'd like, yes, yes(scary
being part of the fun)....Actually I am joking. It is hard to give you an
exact answer because there are very many different kinds of marine science
and marine scientists. For example, there are marine scientists that spend
a great deal of time on ships out at sea. To them, that is just where they
work, to me that would be pretty scary. So, the best thing for you to do is
look on the internet for some of your answers. There are a great number of
very good web sites about becoming a marine scientist from all over the
world. WhaleNet has some great links to get you started...

good luck,


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  My name is Debyan and i am doing a report on marine science. iwould like
to ask u some questions about it.
  What is the salary that you get or that marine scientist get per Month or
per year? what is the tools and equipment that u need? what is the meaning
of marine scientist? is it easy? is it hard? is it scary? is it Fun? pleasee
email me back at

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