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From: Greg Early (gregearly@downeast.net)
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 16:37:37 EST


Well you had me there too. Like most folks, I am much more familiar with
Baja as a breeding place for gray whales. So , I did a little checking and
sure enough there are a bunch of whale watch charters going out off of the
west coast of Mexico claiming to sight humpbacks. Who knew?

Don't know much more than that, however...


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From: Paula L Joachimowski [mailto:paulalj@juno.com]
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Hi Greg,

I am interested in the Humpback population in Baja California.
I have recently been told about the many sightings there. I know that the
Grays migrate there, but was unaware of the Humpbacks. Is this true. Are
there many that migrate to Baja??

Paula Joachimowski
Jupiter Florida

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