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From: Greg Early (gregearly@downeast.net)
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Yup...there are quite a few..but hang on, this gets a little confusing.

Basically it is a matter of size. Whales are usually big, dolphins are
usually small (and porpoises are even smaller). Except there are a few
whales (pigmy sperm whales) that are smaller than some of the dolphins. In
fact some whales (pilot whales) and some dolphins (Riso's Dolphins) look
pretty much alike. At the big end, though, if the adult is over about
twenty feet long, it is a whale. If it is smaller and around ten feet long
or less as an adult...probably a dolphin...

That is unless it is a porpoise...

Scientifically, all of the dolphins are classified in the same group. The
porpoises (smaller as adults with characteristically shaped teeth and head)
are collected together in another group. "Whale" is a more general term and
covers animals as diverse as the "baleen" whales, the "toothed" whales (like
sperm whales), "beaked" whales, and pilot whales.

All of which should just be starting to make sense, had not someone named a
fish (a real fish with gills and scales and all that) "dolphin fish" (also
known as mahi-mahi). If you see "dolphin" on the menu at you local
restaurant, it is the fish, not the mammal, they are cooking....



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  Do you know any diffreces between whales and dolphins?

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