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Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 17:17:21 EST


Sorry to spoil the menu, but whales do not lay eggs. The largest marine egg
(as I recall) belongs to the whale shark, and if memory serves me, they are
about 18 inches long. Sounds large, but it is probably only slightly larger
in volume than an ostrich egg...

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  Dear Mr. Early,

  I consider myself a connoisure of fine foods. I love to try new dishes.

  So.....I'm in charge of planning a breakfast meeting for my bible group.
I was curious as to how big whale eggs are? Would one be large enough to
make an omelet to serve 8-10 people?

  Please be assured that I do understand that certain whales are endangered
and (of course) I would never try to serve these.

  Thanks for your help!

  Franzine Gies

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