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Sure, I can give you some more general information, however the humpback is
one of the best recognized and popular marine mammal out there. As a result
there is a LOT of information available on websites, may of which are listed
in the resource section on WhaleNet. Some of those sites will have better
facts than I can drag out of my shaky memory, so for some of the exact
numbers you should consult those sources.

Anyway, the humpback is a medium sized baleen whale. It is in the group of
baleen whales also known as the "rorqual" whales. These whales all tend to
feed on schooling animals (generally fish) and have characteristic grooves
along their underbellies. These grooves help the whales stretch out their
throats, to take in large amounts of water during feeding.

Females get to be a bit larger than males, largest adult size is on the
order of 15 meters or so. Their main distinctive anatomical feature is long
flippers that are roughly one third of their body length. Adults can weigh
60 tons or so. They tend to be black on top and white below with some
differences between Atlantic and pacific populations. The individually
distinctive coloration on the bottom of their tails can be used to identify
individuals and is used by researchers to track life histories. They are
relatively shallow divers and donot dive as deep or as long as some other
marine mammals. They are migratory, spending feeding times in cooler waters
and breeding in warmer waters in both hemispheres. There may be as many as
10 geographically isolated groups. Their population appears to be
increasing slowly, although their population was depleted from over hunting.
I may be off with a population number but, my guess is around 15,000

Again, the web should be a good source for details....(Am I doing your
homework here???)


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  Can you tell me more about the humpback? If you can, email me tomorrow or

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    I would say that a humpback fills the niche of a migratory mid water
forager, that feeds on masses of schooling fish.

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      Dear Mr.Early,

          I am doing a project on the humpback whale. I would like you to
answer this question

                                                        What is the humpback
whales' niche?

      Thank you for taking the time to read this question and answering it.
I would really appreciate if it was sent the letter by tomorrow.Thanks

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