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>Dear Mr.Garret;
> ššššššššššššššššššššššššMy name is Brandon Cronkhite, and I am
an eighth grade student at Olivet Middle School in Michigan. I am
working on an interview
>that requires talking with a Marine Biologist. Would you answer
these 10
>questions and respond back to my E-mail address ASAP. Thank you
for your time.
1.Where did you go to college and what was your major and minor?

I graduated from Colorado College with a degree in Sociology and
a minor in history.

2. How many years of college did you put in?

Four total years, but interspersed with other activities.

3.What advice would you give to an eighth grader who would like to
be a Marine Biologist?

Learn all you can from books and other sources and do well in all
your subjects.

4. Where do you recommend I should start with extra curricular activities
concerning Marine Biology?

Find books at school or at and learn about cetaceans.
Also search whalenet for information. Read past ASK archives as well.

5. What kind of salary can I expect?

Very little at first, but if you find a position in a school, university
or gov't agency you will have a steady salary.

6. What colleges do you recommend for Marine Biology?

You can refer to the career section of whalenet for a list of possibilities.

7. Is the outlook good for a career in Marine Biology?

I think so, because there is so much interest recently in protecting
and restoring the marine ecosystem.

8. Do you like doing your job day after day?

Very much.

9. What do you think is the most exciting thing about Marine Biology?

The fact that it is so important to act in a way that will help nurture
continued life in the oceans.

10. What are some of the worst or most threatening situations you have
experienced as a Marine Biologist?

I don't believe there have been any serious threats so far.

Thank you for helping me with my project and for your time.Its greatly



You're welcome!

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