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Hi Lorena,

Whales can be identified in part by their 'blows'. Various species have different blowing patters -- for example right whales and bowheads have a 'v' shaped blow whereas a fin
whale has a cone-like blow about 6 m high (these are all baleen whales). Blows differ between toothed and baleen species -- toothed have one hole and baleen have two. Toothed
whale blows are less visible. The blow holes have nasal plugs that are closed except when forced open during respiration. I assume that the air expelled during a blow is going
to have a very low oxygen content -- it may differ depending on the length of the dive/time between breaths.

Hope this helps,

Cathy Schaeff

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> Hello,
> I'am a student in Biologie searching for scientific information in the blowing of cetaceans. I really don't find articles about it and i wonder if you knew something about it.
> I'm interested in the identification of especes and in the development of the respiration system.
> What makes the difference between the blown from one espece to another?
> Is it physioligical?
> What does the blow contains?
> You can contact me to my e-mail.
> Lot's of questions and for the moment no answer to.
> I thank you for the time you spend developping this mail.
> Atte,
> Lorena Saldarriaga
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