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Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 09:54:10 EST


There are two types of pilot whales, long and short finned. Long finned
are about 6 m long, short finned about 5 and a half m. They are toothed
whales. Long finned pilot whales do migrate in that they move to
different areas to feed and to breed. Short finned have their young
throughout the year and so don't typically show the same sort of
seasonal migration -- they are more likely to change their distribution
because of food availability, i.e., be in inshore waters when squid are
plentiful. Both short and long finned pilot whales have been hunted.
Long finned are still relatively abundant; short finned pilot whales off
Japan appear to be significantly depleted.

Hope this helps,

Cathy Schaeff

Johnston wrote:

> Hi,I was just wondering can you tell me if pilot whales are toothed
> or baleen? Also, do you know how deep the pilot whales can dive or be
> under water? 2 more things, are Pilot whales endangered or threatened?
> and if Pilot whales do migrat then were do they go to do that? if you
> can answere my qustion's that would be great thank you very
> much.from,a person who need's info about Pilot Whales

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