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Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 09:59:29 EST

Hi Susan,

For a third grade class I would focus on the fact that they are mammals
-- and what that means given they live in the ocean, that there are two
types, toothed and baleen, and how that influences their feeding and
social behavior, and conservation issues -- the impact of plastic
garbage and lost fishing gear on whales and dolphins (lots of
entanglements), how humans using up the fish stocks has impacted the
toothed whales, how global warming will influence baleen species that
migrate seasonally, etc. The main new issue (not really new) is that
many countries are now trying to resume whaling and the question is
whether or not it can be done sustain ably.

Cathy Schaeff wrote:

> I am a 3rd. grade teacher that teaches a 3 week unit on whales. What
> dod you feel is the most important information my class should learn
> about whales?
> Is there any "new" discoveries about whales that I may not have heard
> about that I could share with my class?
> Thank you,
> Susan Vessely
> Sun Prairie, WI

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