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From: Peter M Scheifele (
Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 01:03:00 EST

Dear Keri

Glad to make your acquaintance. I'm also glad that Mike told you to
contact me. He's a great me started on this Whalenet fever!
Yes, I know of Christine Erbe, we've met before and I'm well aware of her
research. I tend to do research on animal audiology and otology
specifically as it relates to the effects of low frequency, anthropogenic
noise and neuroanatomical research on central auditory pathways. Most of
my research is in regard to the St. Lawrence River Estuary and the Beluga
there, the Arctic Beluga and cetaceans of the Gulf of Maine. I tend to
do comparative animal/ human studies and am presently also working with
cloned cows.

I'd love to speak with you on your question of conservation although I
don't know how much help I can be since I'm involved in a very narrow
area (Bioacoustics and noise), which is very physics oriented. involve a
good amount of medical "bent" to the research using audiology, neurology
and speech pathology. As such my degrees are in physics (acoustics),
physical oceanography and medical.

Let's converse some more. My data is as follows: Phone at UCONN-
860-405-9103; Home (and wife's business line) 860-886-6842 (by the way
she is an exotic animal trainer also involved in conservation); UCONN
e-mail- and, of course this is my home e-mail.

Tell me a bit more about your studies and interests in conservation. How
much math and physics have you had? Any other experience? What would
you "like" to do?

I'll listen for you!!

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002 20:11:22 -0800 (PST) Keri Goodman
<> writes:
> Dear Peter Scheifele, Director of Marine Bioacoustic
> Research,
> Let me introduce myself. My name is Keri Goodman, I
> received a BS in biology from KSU last spring, and
> want to back to school. I have lived in Kansas all my
> life except for the three months that I lived in New
> Hampshire this summer. I was very fortunate to be
> chosen for an internship program in marine
> conservation, based out of the whale watch industry.
> Michael Williamson came out on the Prince of Whales
> out of Newburyport, MA, with us frequently. He
> suggested that I contact you.
> I have become particularly interested in marine mammal
> acoustics and the study of anthropogenic
> interferences. Is there much research going on in
> this area? I have found one Canadian, Christine Erbe,
> researching the effects of icebreaker noise on Beluga
> Whale vocalizations. My guess is that you know her
> or, of her, since you are doing research on Beluga
> Whales of the St. Lawrence River.
> I am hoping to return to school this fall, if I can
> determine the direction I want to head by then. I am
> trying to look ahead and determine how I can best fit
> into the conservation effort as a professional, and
> what kind of degree (degree's) I need to get there.
> In your opinion, and from your experiences, can you
> tell me what aspect of marine conservation is most
> promising? What kind of degree would be most helpful?
> I am not looking to become famous or to be successful
> in terms of money, I just want to know that my career
> path has really made a difference in the conservation
> effort.
> Also, it would be helpful for me if I could talk to
> you about your job, where you went to school, and what
> you received your degree in.
> I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give me.
> Sincerely,
> Keri Goodman
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