Insemination of whales

From: Peter M Scheifele (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 07:29:52 EST

Dear Janusz

I'm afraid that insemination of whales is outside of my area of
expertise. I think it also depends on what particular species of whale
you're referring to. I would suggest looking in the Whalenet ASK
archives or consulting a natural history text or a text by Sumich
entitled "Evolutionary Biology of Whales" or "Zoo Medicine" or another
veterinary text.

Best of luck.

On Wed, 16 Jan 2002 07:59:00 +0100 "Magister" <>

Could you please help me to get information about
"breeding/mating of whales"

Thank you in advance
Janusz Pasnikowski

Peter M."Skip" Scheifele LCDR USN (Ret.)
NURC NA&GL Director of Bioacoustic Research;
Animal Science Department,
Animal Bioacoustics/Neuroanatomy Researcher
University of Connecticut

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