RE: Do whales blink?

From: Jennifer Philips (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 00:04:54 EST

Hi Jen, My name is Cameron and I am 4.5 years old. I have question that my
mommy and daddy can't answer. Do whales blink. Thanks for your time. All my
best Cameron


Yes (and no). Whales do blink, but not quite as often as we do. We blink
often because our eyes dry out in the air and must be wetted and lubricated.
Whales do not blink as often, but they do close their eyes. Their eyes often
need protection from the elements or bright light, for example, so it is
important that they are able to close their eyes. They also excrete a mucus
which films over their eyes and helps to lubricate them.

Thanks for your question to Whalenet!
Jen Philips

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