Are whales harmful in any way?

From: Jennifer Philips (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 17:11:38 EST

Hi, I am 10 years old and am doing a report on whales. One
of the
questions I need to answer is whether a whale is harmful in
any way. I
don't think so, but wondered if you knew something I don't.

Thanks for you answer and time.



That depends on what you mean by dangerous. If you mean
specifically 'dangerous to humans', then I can tell you that
whales are pretty much NOT at all dangerous to humans. Minor
skirmishes do happen, such as a boat accidentally tipped
over by a whale or a swimmer accidentally bumped. But whales
do not even have teeth, and they eat tiny prey, so they
really are not all that interested in harming humans. Now,
other than the baleen whales, or the 'great whales' like
blues, humpbacks, fins, grays, there is the group called
'toothed whales', which includes dolphins, narwhals, beaked
whales, beluga, sperm whales, and the well-known killer
whale. The killer whale, and it lesser known cousin, the
false killer whale, are known to eat other marine mammals,
including baleen whales and dolphins. However, there still
are no reports of their seriously threatening humans at sea.

Thanks for your question to Whalenet!
Jen Philips

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