Saving the whales

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Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 17:35:23 EST

 Hi scientist !!
I am writing an essay for an 8th grade science class about
ways to save
the whales....
Can you help me???

write back

Saving the whales:

Whales are helped when the people, like you, stand behind
their cause. Over the decades since the plight of whales was
first discovered, groups have formed large and small to work
for the cause of saving them. Each group takes a different
approach, but generally, they all focus their efforts toward
applying pressure on 1) the people responsible for killing
the whales in the first place; and 2) the people responsible
for making and enforcing laws to protect the whales. The
best thing any person, such as you and I, can do is to "lean
on" government: let your elected representatives
(congressmen, president) know that you EXPECT them to
protect these great animals, and that you are watching them
all the time. Write letters, email, faxes. Convince people
you know not to vote for the politicians you know are not
protecting whales, and to vote for the ones that are.
Remember, also, that protecting whales means more than
writing laws that say "stop whaling" . It also means funding
research so that we know more about how we can best go about
helping whales (knowledge is power). It also means watching
other areas of concern, such as pollution in the waters that
whales need to live in when they give birth, or over-fishing
their food so that there is not enough for them. Most of
all, write those letters and get people you know to write
them, also. Politicians need to know that their voters still
think this is an important issue.

Here are a couple links that you find interesting on this

Thanks for your question to Whalenet!
Jen Philips

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