Whale disease

From: Jennifer Philips (jphilips@hawaii.edu)
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 23:38:03 EST

my name is Janti
i'm from indonesia

i know your email from the internet
i hope you could help me

i'm studying medic veteriner
i'm making a papper about whale
i want to know about whale diseases..
what kind of diseases that whale can get?
how to help/cure it?
what medicine that are ussually used?

i hope you can help me

# sorry if my english is bad


In general, we still know VERY little about whale health and
disease. When we find a stranded or dead whale, we often can
do very little to either save it or discover the cause of
its illness or death. Evidence of disease similar to
conditions we might see in our own bodies or in the bodies
of other animals had been found in dead whales, such as
heart disease, respiratory illness, or stroke. More often,
we are at a loss to correctly diagnose a whale in the wild.
The most obvious illness found in whales, however, is one
that appears to afflict them often - parasitism. External
parasites, such as barnacles, are very obvious and probably
do not harm the whales. Internal parasites, however, might
be more serious when the infestations become too extreme.
Once in a while, a dead beached whale shows signs of extreme
tapeworm or nematode infestation. Nematodes will infest the
kidneys or the lungs, and tapeworm are found in the
gastro-intestinal system. Other than parasites, bacterial
infections might play a large role in mortality in whales
and dolphins.

Thanks for your question to Whalenet. Good luck on your
Jen Philips

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