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Is there a name for sea horses? fish are called schools,


This is a little off the subject, but let me see if I have the right idea.
Do I know what you call a group of sea horses?..

Actually...I have no I looked it up with another expert....the
on-line folks at the Oxford
have a big list of all of the names used for animal groups. They say a
group of seahorses is called.........ready for this?.....a "herd".....Like
real horses...Not very original but, that is what they said.

By the way, not that you asked, but group names for....

seals....... also herd, pod, or rookery...

whales...flote (float), gam, grind, mob, pod, run, school, shoal, troup
(troop)...and herd (again)

and my personal favorite...



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Is there a name for sea horses? fish are called schools,

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