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From: Greg Early (gregearly@downeast.net)
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 15:28:34 EST


You wanted to know the whaler's name for whale meat? Turns out it is "whale
meat". Or some version in the language of the whalers.

"Muktuk" is a name the Inuit people use for the skin of whales, which is
eaten raw and cooked. Bowhead whale skin IS used for "muktuk" as is skin
from some other whales (beluga is quite popular). "Muktuk" is rich in
vitamins (particularly vitamin "C"), (sort of like orange juce for us). I
am told it tastes a bit like coconut.


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  I am doing a whale report on the Bowhead whale and need to know the name
for meat from the whale the whalers called the meat . I think it is Mukluk?
Muktuk? I need to know today, thank you Parker 2nd grade Midway School
Spokane Washington

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