I'm a high school student and need help on a project for marine biology

From: Greg Early (gregearly@downeast.net)
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You are looking for information on whale trainers?

I can only give you some general advise for this as I am not a whale
trainer. As a matter of fact, there are not very many whale trainers out
there, mainly because there are not a lot of whales to be trained. About
the only whales around to be trained are, beluga whales and killer whales,
and there are only a few organizations that have them in exhibits. In order
to be a whale trainer, you would have to work for one of these
organizations. Generally trainers do not make a great deal of money, and
most, I expect , consider the fact that they get to work with animals they
love, the best benefit of their job.

Most trainers I know have college degrees (although they have a variety of
backgrounds) and quite a bit of "animal experience" before they became
trainers. The experience part can range from general work with other
animals, to specifically working for other trainers as a volunteer or
intern. Trainers jobs vary from place to place, but keep in mind that not
only do trainers do shows with animals, but they also do most, if not all of
their care. This means a lot of cleaning and food handling. As one friend
of mine once put it, to be a trainer you have to enjoy "being wet all the
time and smelling like fish".

If that sounds like your kind of job, there is a lot of information on the
web that can help you get started. First check the "Career Information"
section of WhaleNet
(http://whale.wheelock.edu/whalenet-stuff/ed_resources.html). There is also
some good career information at
http://www.seaworld.org/infobooks/ZooCareers/training.html and

Good luck,

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Subject: I'm a high school student and need help on a project for marine

  Hello, my name is Molly Armstrong and I am a student at Warren Central
High School. I am taking a marine biology class and we have to do a project
on a marine profession. I chose the profession of a whale trainer. We must
get three outside sources. I was looking at different websites and I found
your e-mail address on whale.wheelock.edu. I was wondering if you could
help me out with anything I need to know. Here is a list of questions:
  What schooling is needed?
  What is the range of the salary?
  Where all can whale trainers find jobs and what all do those jobs entail?
  What kind of experience is needed?
  If you can answer any of these questions or tell me any other information,
I would greatly appreciate it. If you are unable to answer, do you know of
any other possible contacts who I could e-mail (please include the e-mail
  Thank you so much!
  Molly Armstrong

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