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I am doing a theme paper for school, and my topic is
the transition of animals from water to land
(everyhting about this reproductive systems, etc.) I
was wondering if you had any sources or could help me
with this at all. Thank You



I am afraid I can't help you out that much with this question. The problem
is that marine mammals have, basically, taken the opposite route, from your
question. As far as scientists know, marine mammals evolved from land
animals and moved back into the water. We think that this happened at least
twice (once for the whales and dolphins and once for the seals and sea
lions) at two different times and in two different places. The first group
of marine mammals that moved from land to water was most likely an ancestor
of modern whales, probably around 65 million years ago (just about the time
that the dinosaurs were dying off). This may sound like a long time ago,
but scientists think life started in the oceans somewhere around a billion
or so years ago with things that would be recognizable as plants and animals
appearing in the ocean about half that time later (about 500 million years
ago). From that perspective marine mammals are relative new-comers.


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