I have a question!

From: Greg Early (gregearly@downeast.net)
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 13:14:47 EST

Does the color of water effect its evaporation?


This is a little off the topic of this list, (and it is not my specialty),
but I would think the color of water would effect evaporation in a couple of
ways. You can look up the particulars on this but...

1.) if the color of the water was changed using a dye...the dye would
change the properties of the water such that it would take a different
amount of energy to cause the water to evaporate (just as salt and fresh
water freeze at different temperatures). That difference, I suspect would
be slight.

2.) If the color was caused by particles suspended in the water, this might
mean a different amount of light would penetrate (and reflect) off of the
water, again with an effect on how the water would evaporate.

3.) Finally different colors in water would reflect and absorb different
wavelengths of light. Different wavelengths of light have different amounts
of energy, so, I would think that if you caused more high energy wavelengths
to be absorbed into the water, it would heat more quickly.

Those are pretty much best guesses. This might be something you could try
as an experiment yourself and see the results first hand.

Good luck


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  Does the color of water effect its evaporation?

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