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From: Dagmar Fertl (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 17:12:03 EST

Q: What you are doing for a career is almost exactly what I want to do. I know what classes I need to take in college, but everything I have seen and heard says that many people are seeking careers in marine sciences. Is it difficult to get a job after you have graduated college with all that competition?




A: Kelli,

I'm not sure exactly which aspect of my job fascinates you, but it's nice to know people are interested in assessing human impacts on the marine environment. Most people think I'm out there hugging dolphins all day long. Actually, I am seldom out on the water (very sad about that) these days.

I think that there are many people out there looking for all sorts of jobs. Yes, there is competition, but then you have to find an angle that makes you special and important for someone to hire (either that, or in most cases, be talented enough to be diversified to tackle a host of tasks). As you probably have guessed, there is a certain degree of luck and perseverance (a lot of perseverance) to do what you're interested in. I would say that you should explore some internship possibilities while you're in college and volunteer as much as possible for various types of jobs to get the experience you'll need to look more interesting to an employer. Read as much as you can and be knowledgeable about all sorts of things. If you have good library skills (=sleuthing out information), you are certainly important. You need to be able to write well and get as much public speaking exposure as you can to be comfortable talking in front of small groups and large groups of people. Just really enjoy what you do and try to be a good person - that will help you get a great job and be happy as well. Everything that happens to you, occurs for a reason. Recognize even a failed situation as an opportunity.

Good luck!


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