How many whales?

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Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 06:51:31 EST


Well, there are actually around 80 different kinds, if you include all
the whales, dolphins and porpoises. here are all the big whales:

Blue whale
Fin whale
Sei whale
Bryde's whale
Common minke whale
Antarctic minke whale
Humpback whale
Gray whale
North Atlantic right whale
North Pacific right whale
Southern right whale
Bowhead whale
Sperm whale

That's thirteen species. You could easily add another 19 or 20 by
naming all of the beaked whales (definitely the lesser-known whales),
but here are a few others:

Dense-beaked whale
Longman's beaked whale
Cuvier's beaked whale
Perrin's beaked whale (this one is very new - you won't find it in
Northern bottlenose whale
Bottlenose dolphin
Striped dolphin
Dusky dolphin
Amazon river dolphin

That's 24...

Phil Clapham

Caroline Bowyer wrote:
> to phil,
> Hi, I am doing an assignment on whales and I can't find 22 -24 different
> types of whales. I can only find about 17. Can u please send me some
> names of the not so famous whales please.


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