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Hi Sarah,

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  Hi, my name is Sarah Nosler, and I am in the 9th grade at Skyview High School in Vancouver, WA. We're doing a project on a career of our choice. And we are all required to interview someone about the career we have chosen. I chose Marine Mammal Scientist. Besides researching our particular careers, we are required to interview someone about it. There isn't anyone around here who is in this field, so I am E-mailing you to ask if you answer these questions. Thank you so much for your time!

  NAME OF EMPLOYER: American University

  1.What are the benefits of this career (health insurance, stock options, retirement plans, etc.)? health, retirement, medical

  2.What is a typical day like? 8-5 or 6, working on researchand teaching -related tasks.

  3.Are there any safety of health concerns to worry about in this job? chemical hazard when doing lab work; physical danger (minimal) when out at sea.

  4.What is the range of money made in this job field? see link above

  5.What are some of the places that employ people in this field? see link above

  6.Is any special training required?see link above

  7.How much time is spent in an average week at work? varies; see link above

  8.What are some similar jobs? see link above

  9.What education is required for this job? see link above

  10.Is there certain licensing or certification to work in this job?see link above

  11.Are there available job openings for this job all over the world?see link above

  12.What do you wear to work?causal clothing most of the time

  13.Are any special tools used in this job? see link above

  14.Where do you work (outside, in a cubicle, etc.)? office, research lab, and in the field

  15.Do people stay in this job for long? see link above


  Sarah Nosler

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